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Kimberly de Matos skin studio open it’s doors with the dedication to educate and empower clients to feel confident in their skin.

At Kimberly de Matos skin, we combine traditional methods and technologies backed by science, where old meets new, providing you with the best of both worlds in achieving clinical results with luxury feels.

We keep it simple, avoiding gimmicks and trends, we respect, repair and protect your skin’s health. No two treatments are the same, providing luxury bespoke treatments to target your individual concerns. 

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Tailored Solutions for Every Skin

Skincare Backed by Science

Skincare Rooted in Scientific Excellence

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Focused on Individual Needs

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What Our Customers Say​

Your trust in our skin care expertise has transformed your experiences into our greatest success stories. Here’s what our happy clients have to say about their journey to radiant skin with us.

Ayu D


Kimberly is such a godsend. It’s quite rare to see someone who’s so passionate, knowledgeable and highly skilled in this industry and I’m very lucky to have found her! My skin looks healthier, feels hydrated and my overall complexion has improved significantly since.

The massage portion is also heavenly. Highly recommend!!

Serena Morphy


If I could give this clinic 12/5 stars I would.
I have had a lot of facials that have been great where I assume the results will come but leaving after 1 treatment from Kimberly, I saw immediate visible results.

She is so committed and dedicated and her passion really shines through.

Isabella Zavarise


Kimberly is incredibly talented. Her knowledge and passion for this work comes through in each of her treatments. Every time I leave one of her sessions, my skin looks amazing and I feel lighter. She also cares about the well being of her clients which is why so many people trust her. I highly recommend her!

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