by Kimberly De Matos

by Kimberly De Matos

Defying Gravity with Microcurrent

The evolving world of skincare gadgets is not only exciting but fascinating on how technology can develop, allowing us to incorporate high tech tools into our home skin routines. It can be very overwhelming in making the right decision for your skin, as exciting as it is. Today I’m introducing you to Microcurrent and comparing the Nuface Trinity Pro and the Bear by Foreo. But first…

What is microcurrent?

Microcurrent is FDA approved as a muscle stimulator to treat bell palsy and muscle paralysis and used medically since the 1980s so we know it works. After noticing improvements in sagging skin and muscles that atrophied, micro-current made its way as an anti-ageing hero, nicknamed the non-invasive facelift.

Skin laxity (sagging) is one of the biggest concerns and struggles with ageing skin. Microcurrent is an excellent treatment that can be used at home to prevent and treat sagging skin.

How does it work?

Microcurrent sends soft waves down through the skin to the muscles, providing muscle stimulation, retraining, and lifting muscles back to where they should be. Facial muscles are directly attached to the skin on the face, with muscles stimulation we can also lift the skin treating sagging jouls, redefining jawline, and facial contours.

Microcurrent stimulates ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) production. ATP promotes vital proteins, collagen, and elastin. Collagen and elastin proteins decline as we age and break down through overexposure to UV rays and free radical exposure. To keep skin healthy and avoid premature ageing of the skin, we want to bank as much collagen and elastin proteins.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the skin, found in the skin’s dermis, and gives the skin durability, resilience and supports the skin’s tissue.

Elastin is the second most abundant protein in the dermis and found throughout the connective tissues of the body Providing your skin with a spring bounce, allowing the skin to stretch without breakage.


Nuface Trinity Pro

Nuface has been the leader in home micro-current devices for quite some time now.

I started using the Nuface Trinity Pro around two years ago. I recommend the Nuface Trinity Pro for those over 30; it’s the strongest device and only available through spas and skin clinics.

The lift you receive with the Trinity Pro will be an immediate difference, although the results are not long-lived and this is where we go back to consistency.

When you start with micro-current treatments at home, you need to commit to 5x a week for the first two months – this is key to your results. You see, the muscle has a memory; over time, the muscles and skin will stay more lifted and toned. Treat it the same way as going to the gym with consistency to strengthen and train the muscles. After two months you can maintain your results by using 1-3x a week for maintenance.

The Nuface is a great device, and the Trinity Pro would be more beneficial for skin with more laxity and seeking more corrective treatment.

Stay lifted with microcurrent!

With skin love


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