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About kimberly

British born Kimberly, a skin specialist with over 15 years of hands-on experience as an aesthetics therapist. Her modern approach to skin combines traditional techniques and modern technologies delivered in a holistic approach.

No two treatments are the same, providing luxury bespoke treatments to target your individual concerns.

We are unique in genetics and lifestyle factors which contribute to skin concerns and ageing. Kimberly develops luxury bespoke treatments to you, achieving results that leave you glowing. You are unique and so should your treatments be.

Kimberly’s battle with acne as a teenager alongside her sisters, led her to take a keen interest in skin and aesthetics.

Experiencing the impact skin conditions can have in many areas of a persons life, gave her the passion and empathy to want to help and guide others in their skin health journey.

Known for her skin knowledge, client care and skillful touch, her facial massage is not to be missed.

Kimberly, a facialist trained in London, UK, has worked with many brands and technologies, working with companies from the UK, North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia before leading her to open Kimberly de Matos skin.

Kimberly worked as a head aesthetics therapist, laser specialist, massage therapist, and trainer for a cosmeceutical skin care brand.

Kimberly tailors her treatments to each individual skin, using a range of modalities and techniques to leave you with sky high cheek bones, lifted, sculpted and radiant.

Holistic Approach

Combining traditional and modern approaches for comprehensive skin health.


Maintaining high standards in treatments and client experiences.

Client Focus

Prioritizing client satisfaction and comfort in every interaction.

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