by Kimberly De Matos

by Kimberly De Matos

LED Light – The facial from outer space

I’m sure many of you have seen these futuristic face shields popping up all over Instagram, it’s not fancy PPE (it could be) but a LED face mask to boost skin health. Everyone seems to be jumping on the LED face mask hype, as Kourtney Kardashian flooded her Instagram, with snaps of her chilling with her LED face mask.

But LED skin treatments are not new by any means, the skin and beauty industry started using Led light 15 plus years ago. It’s an oldie, but a goodie, and technology evolving allows us to easily incorporate LED light therapy into skin care treatments.

What’s LED light therapy?! Here come some nerdy facts!

Led (light-emitting diode therapy) was invented by Nasa in the 1960s and initially used for plant growth experiments. Nasa later discovered the healing and repairing benefits it had on the skin, welcoming it to the skincare world treating skin concerns from wrinkles to acne.

LED light triggers the skin’s natural cell process accelerating skin rejuvenation.

LED light uses different colours which penetrate to varying depths within the skin to treat various skin concerns.

Two of the more commonly used lights are red, and blue LED light.

Red light penetrates to the skin’s dermal layer and targets fibroblast cells, which are vital in supporting the production of collagen proteins.

Collagen makes up a large amount of connective tissue and is vital for skin healing. Collagen declines as we age, and prematurely damages through sun damage, diet and lifestyle choices. When collagen declines, the skin’s healing is slower, and lines and wrinkles begin to form.

Red light is a must for anyone seeking collagen banking treatments; it speeds up healing, reduces inflammtion and stimulates collagen production.

Blue light penetrates more superficially in the skin and targets the acne-causing bacteria the c- acnes (cutibacterium canes) formerly known as the P.acne bacteria. Blue light regulates an overactive sebaceous gland, reducing the overproduction of sebum. An overproduction of sebum leads to a plugged pore and acne.

In the treatment of acne, I recommend using a combination of blue and red light. The blue light will focus on acne bacteria and the sebaceous gland. The red light will reduce the inflammation associated with acne and increase healing, preventing scarring from the acne lesions.

Treat your skin to facial from outer space

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